Working regularly in collaboration with scientists, the artist often integrates measuring instruments into his daily life in order to quantify data that are not usually quantified.

Bertrand Planes was born in 1975 in Perpignan. He lives and works in Paris. Bertrand Planes is a visual artist and programmer who graduated from the Paris Decorative Arts School (ENSAD) and the Grenoble School of Art. In his work, he questions the purpose of the art object. He develops video devices, perfects complex technical processes in collaboration with scientists and creates new tools from existing mechanisms that he compiles together. One of Bertrand Planes' practices consists in distorting the functional and commercial imperative of the mass-produced object and, while preserving its aesthetic qualities, in diverting it from its primary functions in order to attribute new ones to it and invest it with meanings that are sometimes contradictory to their initial use.