Séverine Hubard, Annecy Paysages

Faux jumeau, Installation Ile Saint-Joseph, Annecy, 03.07 - 26.09.2021

Faux jumeau - Installation Ile Saint-Joseph, Annecy

Suggested by Le Point Commun

They’re lucky, those pigeons on Île Saint-Joseph! Séverine Hubard built them a luxury dovecote. Perched on wooden pilings, it pays homage to the avant-garde architects of the 1920s. A friendly nod to its false twin (faux jumeau), which is much too traditional!

Contemporary housing for privileged pigeons, this home has 50 entries, bridal suites with balconies, a living room and a swimming pool. The sculpture is built of orthogonal assemblies of various forms and primary colors to create multiple contrasts. Hubard has humorously invented a new type of home for these birds deemed to be parasites. They’re welcome here. Let’s hope they’re happy!

July 21, 2021