Jan Kopp, Givors with the Mac Lyon

News from an unbuilt city, Lyon, 08.10 - 18.11.2021

News from an unbuilt city - In the framework of Veduta / Biennale de Lyon

In Givors, the artist proposes a reactivation of his work News from an Unbuilt City (1998), presented at the 6th Lyon Biennial and now in the macLYON collection. Composed of sensor plates that react to the footsteps of visitors, the installation gives voice to the sounds of an imaginary city made up of excerpts of conversations, urban noises or popular songs that inhabit the environment as you walk around.

With Jan Kopp, as part of Veduta/Biennale de Lyon, Givordins and Givordines were asked to record the reality of their sound environment. The results will be added to the database of the work, which will be exhibited at the Moulin Madiba, the cultural centre of the city of Givors, from 9 October to 13 November 2021.
The exhibition will end on 9 November at 6pm. To extend this exhibition, the macLYON will host a round table on Saturday 20 November.

July 21, 2021