Christian Gonzenbach, "Gonzenbook"

"Gonzenbook", Monography 1998-2021, published by Infolio & L'APAGE

GONZENBOOK, 29x23 cm, 360 pages, 1798 gr

Monography 1998-2021 of Christian Gonzenbach,

Under the direction of Karine Tissot


At the crossroads of natural sciences and artistic sciences, the Geneva artist works to bring together the different facets of a world that is too often understood in fragments. Thus, some of the authors come from art criticism - Sarah Burkhalter, Deborah Keller, Hervé Laurent, Karine Tissot, Charlotte Tron - or from science - Martin Pohl. But also from various horizons: ceramists - Philippe Barde, Amandine Gonzenbach, Toshio Matsui - recalling a solid and first training, curator at the Museum of Ethnography of Neuchâtel - Bernard Knodel -, artists - Katharina Hohmann, Pierre-Philippe Freymond -, philosopher - Stephan Freivogel -, entrepreneur and collector - Pierre-Alain L'Hôte -, honorary director of the Musée de la chasse in Paris - Claude d'Anthenaise -, all offer singular views that refine the understanding of his dense and effervescent work, known in Switzerland as well as abroad for having exhibited in museums, galleries, art centers and festivals throughout the world.


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Published by  Infolio & L'APAGE

November 25, 2021